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WildWood Edible Mushroom Tours

(Chanterelle field - actual photo with crepuscular rays)

Edible Mushroom Tours


Picture Yourself Here!


(Your Guide, Michael Jay)

Do You Like Mushrooms?
Would You Like To Do Something Different Next Weekend?

Would You Like To Learn How To Make Money Harvesting Wild Mushrooms?
Or Would You Like To Just Be Able To Safely Gather Mushrooms For Your Own Kitchen?

We are "WildWood Edible Mushroom Tours" and we will teach you to safely find and identify Gourmet Mushrooms in the wild. Take a Personalized Edible Mushroom Identification Tour with long-time experts.

Whatever your mushroom identification needs, we can teach you in the most beautiful settings in the World, the magnificent Redwood Forests of the Pacific Northwest, in California, Oregon, and Washington States.

If you just want a day tour, for a specific type of mushroom, we can accommodate you.

If you want to spend a week's vacation, either camping, or staying in a wide range of Quality B&B's and Motels, we can accommodate you.

Your guides, Michael and Margaret Jay, have been hunting and collecting mushrooms for years. They are well known by the great chefs in the finest restaurants ranging from Santa Rosa, California, to Seattle, Washington, for the excellent specimens they provide.

They will custom tailor your personal tour, according to your personal needs. They take into consideration your physical capabilities, as well as your personal comfort needs and budget, in designing your personal tour.

The knowledge they have gained through more than 17 years experience, in the forest, is yours, to whatever degree you want.

Experience the most thrilling vacation of a lifetime,
With The People Who Know The Natural Wonders Of The Northwest Best!

View natural bouquets of delectable gourmet mushrooms in their natural habitat. We show you which mushrooms grow where.

The visual elegance of a field of such golden beauties as chanterelles, is only surpassed by the delicious flavors rewarding a hungry palate after a day in the magnificent, invigorating Redwood Forests of the Pacific Northwest.

We will customize your tour according to location, time of year and weather, and you can book ahead for your favorite mushroom's season and locale (locales shift North and South, Coastal and Inland, with the seasons).

Whether you are a gourmet chef, an outdoor enthusiast looking for something fun to do in the wild, or just a family looking for a healthy, fun, productive time out in nature, we can accommodate you, right down to your accommodations.

Prices, of course, vary according to your specific needs, type of mushrooms, and time of year. Let us put together a mushroom tour that will fit your budget, no matter what it is.

We Pre-Scout Mushroom Patches for you, so we can guarantee you will locate gourmet mushrooms in their natural environment, and, remember, we will design your tour with your particular physical and age limitations in mind, young or old.

These tours are a mushroom lover's dreams come true. Campers? Bring your own gear and food, or let us supply you with everything you will need. We can do it all.


"Mushroom Mike", or "Mr. Mike-o-logical", has been hunting mushrooms up and down the West Coast for over 17 years. He attended Lane College for Mushroom Identification in Eugene, Oregon, in the heart of mushroom country, and has been picking mushrooms for a living ever since, following the different species up and down the Pacific Coast as the seasons change.

He and his wife Margaret sell dozens of species to well over 100 restaurants and health food stores stretching from Santa Rosa, California, to Seattle, Washington, and they can teach you to find the same species and to identify your mushrooms safely.

Mushrooms have been increasing in popularity steadily for years, and if you are looking for a fun hobby, or one that can bring you some extra cash, picking mushrooms is it. Learn from the Pro's.

Depending on the season and locale, you will learn to find at least 1 or 2 species of mushrooms on each tour.

Mike and Margaret are also ethical pickers who believe in proper picking edicate, guaranteeing the reproductive cycle is not interrupted, and that the same species will keep regenerating in the same places, year after year.

They will teach this most important aspect of mushroom gathering, too, so once you find a patch of your own, the mushrooms will be there year after year for you (Pssst! Keep Your Patches Secret!).

Thank You For Visiting Us Online. Come Visit Us In Person, In The Great Outdoors, For A Terrific Mushroom Hunting Experience.

We also provide tours of what is now internationally famous "Glass Beach", in beautiful Fort Bragg, California, led by local sea glass jewelry artist Capt. J. H. (Cass) Forrington. Please contact Capt. Cass directly off his own sea glass jewelry site for information on this tour, or call 707-357-1585 from 9-9 Pacific Time.


Just click on this Beach Glass Jewelry link for the finest, least expensive Sea Glass Jewelry available, hand made by the Captain, himself!

Your True Mushroom Professional,

Michael Jay



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